Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Not much to report right deep words of wisdom either. Just one of those days.

So let's get to the fun part...Birthday Shout Outs!

Happy Birthday Bernadette Peters who is 61 today. She has starred on Broadway, winning a Tony, she has won Grammys for her Broadway Cast albums and a daytime Emmy. She has been nominated many times for various roles.

Ms. Peters has also a movie career that spans decades. My fav of her list is "The Jerk", 1979 in which she played Marie Kimble Johnson to Steve Martin's Navin R. Johnson. My fave line, well there are two actually "The new phone book is here!" and "I finally found my special purpose." Two lines that you can pretty much drop into conversation and most people, well the ones over 35 will still know what you are talking about!

Thank you Ms. Peters for all your contributions to society and Happy Birthday to You!

I could not find the exact clip I wanted to the movie, but here is the trailer!

Enjoy your day!

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