Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rest In Peace Alex Chilton

I heard it first at 3:00 am this morning, while I was listening to the radio trying to get back to sleep, singer, songwriter, musician Alex Chilton had passed away at the very young age of 59. My initial reaction was one of brief sadness as I always feel when hearing the passing of anyone.

It was not until Steve and Johnnie (the on air personalities), went to tell explain who Alex Chilton was and why an impact he made on the world.

As a 16 year old, Alex became the lead singer of a group called The Box Tops. In 1967, they released their first hit "The Letter" which went to number one on the charts and stayed there for 4 weeks. They followed up with other songs and hits.

Alex was also the lead singer with a band called Big Star. They did three albums that did real well and left a lasting influence on the music industry. Bands like R.E.M. credit Alex Chilton and Big Star as major influences on their musical careers.

I have not posted about it in a while, about the soundtrack of our lives, but this is the perfect example. Alex Chilton had definitely contributed to mine. Thank You!

It makes me sad on a number of counts...sad that this talented man has passed , one who unknowingly played a part in my life. My regards to his family. I am also sad that I did not know of him sooner..know his name, know his history. Or that of many other cultural influences in my life. I almost take them for granted that they will be there and fill that little space in me that needs them, I am not giving the correct acknowledgment that is deserved. So I am going to work on a better awareness of the things that I love and that influence me and learn from their creators.

So with all that being said, again, Rest In Peace Alex Chilton...Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

Two videos today..
The Letter by The Box Tops

My favorite R.E.M. song
Losing My Religion

Have a great day everyone...take time to smell the flowers!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Something A Little Different!

Good Morning!

I get to do something very exciting today. An online line friend, Janet Nowlin, The Inspired Dreamer and I have traded blogs for the day to tell you how we became acquainted and what we are working on together. so here's Janet!


Well hi there! In case you’re wondering what’s with the non-regularly scheduled program, let me introduce myself. My name is Janet, otherwise known as InspiredDreamer over at Out of the Extraordinary. Julie and I only just recently became acquaintances, when she contacted me about a little program called Cards4Cancer, organized by a super-duper organization called Spirit Jump.

Wow, that’s a lot of links! To give you the breakdown: Spirit Jump is an organization that coordinates people to send cards/letters/gifts to people of all ages who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses. The power of a single card is just outstanding, and it really does boost a person’s spirit. Now, the super-exciting thing is that Spirit Jump is coordinating Cards4Cancer on April 10th, 2010, a day when people all over the country (and perhaps even all over the world!) will collect cards from their teams and deliver them to cancer centers, to brighten the spirits of the men, women and children who are in the hospital.

How awesome is this???

I was so excited that I signed up to lead a group without even thinking about how crazy I was for taking on such a big project. But then Julie found my group highlighting Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and suggested that we join forces so we could also give cards to Children’s Memorial (also in Chicago). What a super idea, Julie!! And here we are, leading team Faith.Hope.Love to (hopefully) gathering hundreds of cards for these two centers!

So… are you in???

We need team members, and we need contributors. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up to be a team member, but by signing up you are promising that you will gather/make/purchase cards!! To sign up, you just have to click on this link here . Make sure that you copy and paste our team name: Faith.Hope.Love into the field where it asks what team you’re joining. Don’t worry about the cancer center names, we’ve already gotten those set up.

But, how do I do this?

Great question! It’s easy. Just purchase or make uplifting cards for adults and/or children. They asked that we please refrain from “get well soon” or religious wording, but otherwise the cards are totally up to you. I’ve seen a lot of Spring and Joy cards so far. Then sign up as a team member or contact Julie or myself with your interest, and we’ll figure out how to get the cards from you. You don’t have to live in or near Chicago—just mail the cards to us! We’ll give you all the details when you sign up, but don’t think small… think card-making parties, scouring the dollar stores for awesome (and cheap) cards, getting your local girl-scout troop involved, asking people at work… if Julie and I were to get 50 people on our team, and each of those 50 people asked 5 people (plus themselves) to give one card, that’s 300 cards right there! And I don’t know about you, but I plan on making more than one card!!

So… are you in?

Just think, a few minutes (or even hours if you make the cards) of your time will bring a ton of joy to someone with Cancer. If you know or have lost someone with cancer, I’m sure you’ll understand. And chances are, most of us either will know someone, or already have, who has fought cancer. I’m doing this for my grandma, who had breast cancer and a double mastectomy. Who will you do this for?

This has been really fun! Thank you Janet!

Everyone..please joins us!