Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10 Things I Have Learned in 2010

December 31st marks the end of the first decade of this century. While I do not really have the wherewithal to analyze the whole 10 years, I can share with you what conclusions I have drawn in the past 12 months.

**1)This past year was life changing to an extreme that I did not expect or anticipate. So my first thing learned is BE OPEN TO CHANGE AS SOMETIMES IT IS A SIGH OF RELIEF.

**2)NOT EVERYONE VIEWS YOU OR SITUATIONS THE SAME WAY AS YOU. This one followed number 1 directly. In hashing out situations it turns out my truth and others' truth varies...greatly. Some of those variations, I can see their side, other versions of the truth simply astound me.

**3)THERE IS NEVER A "SURE THING" aka There are things you think you know for sure and turns out you are way way way off.


**5)NEVER SAY NEVER. Never should be on the list of dirty words. For every thing I thought would never happen did. Every impossible situation changed.

**6)YOU ALMOST WILL NEVER HAVE TO APOLOGIZE IF...You are conscious of your actions and think before you speak. Especially when you are sticking your nose in someone Else's business .

**7)EVEN WHEN IT FEELS LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING...Some of the best things get resolved and the sun shines even brighter.

**8)THERE IS REDEMPTION...There are situations that you are SURE you are right about and sure enough, you ARE!

**9)GREAT PLANS and GREAT EXPECTATIONS. It is okay to have great plans, great ideas, great thoughts, a whole book full even. But, if you do not follow up with actions big and small, well they are all for naught.

**10)TOMORROW NEVER COMES. My trig teacher senior year of high school had a sign in his room that said "NO HOMEWORK TOMORROW". He would assign homework and we would groan. He's point to his sign and say "talk with me tomorrow." Next day same thing. This went on for almost the whole school year when finally one day the teacher asked when we were finally gonna get it. Tomorrow never comes. We have today and when that physical day ends..we have today and when that physical day ends..we have today and so on. Tomorrow truly never comes. So never put off as there will be no time later.

So that is my wrap up of life's lessons for the year. I guess you might say some are obvious, maybe all of them were, but they were all things I still needed to face. Some of them changed my life in such a degree, that I am not the same person that I was January 1 2010. and you know what? IT'S OKAY!!! 

Now for some old business, way old business. Last time I posted in June, for my tea party, I promised a give a away of the magical door. If you left a comment you were entered and if your followed my blog it was and extra entry. 6 months later here it is. RHONDA ROO!!! I will be in contact with you to arrange shipping. Happy New Year Everyone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Tea Party Time! And a Give-A-Way Too!

When last we spoke might remember that the Mad Hatter left us an invitation to join in the Mad Tea Party over at A Fanciful Twist. well, finally the time has come!

It was a fair summer day when I was wondering, gazing at the trees..

Looking at the clouds..when I cam upon a tree a little different..

Special branches beckoning me to look downward to..

I saw something small and golden..on closer inspection I realized it was a magic door..A Golden Magical Door!  Ahhh..but where does it lead?

I touched the handle and the whole tree opened, welcoming me inside.  I went through the door further and further to another magical forest area and just in front  of me I saw a table filled with yummy tea goodies!

I took a closer look and everything looked so inviting..

I did not know what to try first! Of course someone so kindly made me a cup of tea...There was some much to choose from, I began with some yummy cheese filled pastery..

The berries looked so plump and juicy, I just had to indulge with some fresh whipped cream..

There were raspberry filled tarts...

Yummy chocolate treats...

A delightful candies too!

What a wonderful time!  I am so glad I ventured through the magical golden door!!!

Thanks for sharing my tea party with me!  Now for the Give-A-Way!

The Magical Golden Door can be yours!  It is hand poured plaster, hand painted and glazed to a glossy finish.  To enter please leave a comment for me, even a hello would be great.  Want an extra entry?  Become a follower of this blog.  Comments will be left open until July 2nd, 2010 and the drawing will be held July 3rd.  Good luck!

Be sure to check out all the Tea Party participants over at A Fanciful Twist!

Thank you for visiting and sharing my tea party with me!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Been A While..

Hello To all!

It has been a while and OH how the time flies!

We are in preparation as it is recital week and we are in the middle of crazy as well as saying good-bye to the dance season. Crazy!

So keeping this short and sweet do not forget to join me Saturday for the Mad Tea Party and don't forget I have a cool give a way as well!

Till then...stay cool!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Word for the Day..Bittersweet

Welcome to Marvelous Monday!!!

As the title of this post mentions, the word or theme of this post in bittersweet.

Historically, in Julie Land, bittersweet makes me think of the Good Humor Man and his little white truck. He would come through the neighborhood ringing his bells and stop where there were the most kids. I personally had two favorites. First choice was always the Chocolate Candy Crunch. (A vanilla ice cream bar with a solid massive chocolate center and chocolate chips mixed in the ice cream. This was coated with a chocolate crunch outside). My second choice was the bittersweet chocolate sundae. (A cup of vanilla ice cream with a chocolate layer on top which was of course...bittersweet). So from the age of like 8 to high school, the word bittersweet always triggered in my mind the extra ice cream treat! When reality hit that there was actually an extra meaning other than food, I still could totally relate , because thinking back to the sundae, the chocolate by it self was unpleasant but add the vanilla ice cream and ahhhhh!

There was dance competition this weekend. Jacki is still unable to fully weight bear on her foot and is still on crutches. Joey was great in his dances, best ever, the team rocked overall but it was so sad that my darling daughter had to sit out all her dances..especially her solo. I personally got a little choked up when her usual dances were performed without her. And when I thought I finally got over it all, in the final awards ceremony they were going through the numbers of the dances and you hear "#99..that's a scratch." Well we all know what #99 was! :(

So now I am waiting for the ortho guy to call me back for an appointment and we are trying to work through this to get her ankle stronger!

On that note, wanna see a picture of Jacki's foot?
Fun right!  What a wonderful foot!

Since Jacki is out of commission, I was doing her part of garbage duty today.  At the end on the driveway, I was able to behold the first blooming of my peonies!

We have lived here going on 11 years this year and I had the peonies transplanted 10 years ago.  They were well established plants that I bought from a friend's family.  Finally right now they are beginning to look like what I expect them to.
Though I really did expect them to fill the whole space all the way on the drive way.  I have like 75 plants put in and a bunch do not come up anymore. 

What else is sort of sun is they are all different varieties!  I am going to transplant some to the flower box in front of the house! 

So that is the bittersweet in our house...Julie Land...sadness for dances not performed..happiness for a great competition overall and my blooming peonies! 

I am off to do the mid day running..pick up Jon from school, drop off Joey's lunch, drop off Jacki's lunch and pain meds and pick up our lunch..I hope the hubby is buying!!  :)

Enjoy your day.. all the parts of it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

More Friday Fun!!

Since this is my second post in a really short time, you can tell that I am surfing instead of working. (But I am having a really good time so does that count?)

I am posting to implore you to head over to Tristan's Blog called "Enchanted Revelries." Every post in witty, fun and enjoyable. So today Tristan announced a give a way! Really cool stuff too! There are a bunch of ways to enter. Just click on his "Super Groovy Blog Giveaway" button and you can join in the fun as well. Oh yeah, when you enter, please make sure you mention in the comments that Julie Anne sent you!

Now I really am going back to work!

Life Should Be Fun!!!

Good Evening!!

Hope everyone is having a fab Friday!!!

It is sort of crazy to me all the things that I do not get to when in reality my life should be about getting to ALL of the cool things...I have vowed to live the creative life!

Today I found a real cool swap at All-American Jess. She is hostessing a "Flip Flop Summer Swap." What a great way to meet someone new and send a great gift!
There is still time to sign up! You should give it a try!

So hop on over and check it out!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Terrfic Tuesday!?

Hello to Everyone and good morning!

What an exciting day here in Julie Land!

Yesterday, six days before competition darling Jacki twisted her ankle while carrying out her garbage duties. It is a nasty sprain and the likelihood of her competing this weekend is slim. Poor girl, I had to go out and acquire crutches and everything!

I wanted to share a picture of the kids from Jonathan's fifth birthday this past Saturday. I still cannot quite grasp that he is five. I know that I have mentioned it before, but it is still mind blowing!

So I leave you now with this..

I have lived life in the Highs
I have lived life in the Lows
Somehow, I sort of like it in the middle!

Have a great day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Something So Exciting!!!

The Mad Hatter has passed through and left us and invitation that is too hard to resist. Saturday June 26th, we will be joining Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for the "Mad Tea Party."

 Ohhh!  It will be so fun! And you are invited to join us too.  Just drop in on June 26 and see what lovely delights we are sharing.  There will also be a blog give-a-way!  Then you must visit all of other guests and their blogs to see what kind of delights there are to be had!  More details are to follow...I better get hoppin' and get ready for my guests!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Sunday

Welcome to another Sunday!

Today we are living on the aftermath of my youngest Jonathan's 5th birthday. I cannot believe that five years has passed! I am sort of sad to see all the time has gone, but what an interesting individual he is becoming!

I hope that you like the new look to the blog..I have kind of spruced it up a bit. This is something I have been meaning to do for a while now and of course just the simple changes were very frustrating!!! GRRRRR!!!

The day is sunny here, though a little cool, but the day looks quite promising! Enjoy your day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Sweet Sunday

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is Sunday and boy is it jammed packed! Craft fair preparations, Mom and Sons Bowling with the boys and just normal stuff. In the midst of all of that I just wanted to take a moment to enjoy...

This is digital art done by my daughter Jacki a few years back. She titled this one "Expressing Myself." Like her Mom, there is the artist gene in her! The computer that I am currently using was once hers and this is a left over picture. It might be as much as three years old, but it is interesting and beautiful none-the-less.

So if your Sunday has the promise of insanity similar to mind or if you have something a little more serene planned, enjoy, enjoy! This sweet, sweet Sunday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

good morning. testing out blogger text.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rest In Peace Alex Chilton

I heard it first at 3:00 am this morning, while I was listening to the radio trying to get back to sleep, singer, songwriter, musician Alex Chilton had passed away at the very young age of 59. My initial reaction was one of brief sadness as I always feel when hearing the passing of anyone.

It was not until Steve and Johnnie (the on air personalities), went to tell explain who Alex Chilton was and why an impact he made on the world.

As a 16 year old, Alex became the lead singer of a group called The Box Tops. In 1967, they released their first hit "The Letter" which went to number one on the charts and stayed there for 4 weeks. They followed up with other songs and hits.

Alex was also the lead singer with a band called Big Star. They did three albums that did real well and left a lasting influence on the music industry. Bands like R.E.M. credit Alex Chilton and Big Star as major influences on their musical careers.

I have not posted about it in a while, about the soundtrack of our lives, but this is the perfect example. Alex Chilton had definitely contributed to mine. Thank You!

It makes me sad on a number of counts...sad that this talented man has passed , one who unknowingly played a part in my life. My regards to his family. I am also sad that I did not know of him sooner..know his name, know his history. Or that of many other cultural influences in my life. I almost take them for granted that they will be there and fill that little space in me that needs them, I am not giving the correct acknowledgment that is deserved. So I am going to work on a better awareness of the things that I love and that influence me and learn from their creators.

So with all that being said, again, Rest In Peace Alex Chilton...Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

Two videos today..
The Letter by The Box Tops

My favorite R.E.M. song
Losing My Religion

Have a great day everyone...take time to smell the flowers!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Something A Little Different!

Good Morning!

I get to do something very exciting today. An online line friend, Janet Nowlin, The Inspired Dreamer and I have traded blogs for the day to tell you how we became acquainted and what we are working on together. so here's Janet!


Well hi there! In case you’re wondering what’s with the non-regularly scheduled program, let me introduce myself. My name is Janet, otherwise known as InspiredDreamer over at Out of the Extraordinary. Julie and I only just recently became acquaintances, when she contacted me about a little program called Cards4Cancer, organized by a super-duper organization called Spirit Jump.

Wow, that’s a lot of links! To give you the breakdown: Spirit Jump is an organization that coordinates people to send cards/letters/gifts to people of all ages who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses. The power of a single card is just outstanding, and it really does boost a person’s spirit. Now, the super-exciting thing is that Spirit Jump is coordinating Cards4Cancer on April 10th, 2010, a day when people all over the country (and perhaps even all over the world!) will collect cards from their teams and deliver them to cancer centers, to brighten the spirits of the men, women and children who are in the hospital.

How awesome is this???

I was so excited that I signed up to lead a group without even thinking about how crazy I was for taking on such a big project. But then Julie found my group highlighting Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and suggested that we join forces so we could also give cards to Children’s Memorial (also in Chicago). What a super idea, Julie!! And here we are, leading team Faith.Hope.Love to (hopefully) gathering hundreds of cards for these two centers!

So… are you in???

We need team members, and we need contributors. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up to be a team member, but by signing up you are promising that you will gather/make/purchase cards!! To sign up, you just have to click on this link here . Make sure that you copy and paste our team name: Faith.Hope.Love into the field where it asks what team you’re joining. Don’t worry about the cancer center names, we’ve already gotten those set up.

But, how do I do this?

Great question! It’s easy. Just purchase or make uplifting cards for adults and/or children. They asked that we please refrain from “get well soon” or religious wording, but otherwise the cards are totally up to you. I’ve seen a lot of Spring and Joy cards so far. Then sign up as a team member or contact Julie or myself with your interest, and we’ll figure out how to get the cards from you. You don’t have to live in or near Chicago—just mail the cards to us! We’ll give you all the details when you sign up, but don’t think small… think card-making parties, scouring the dollar stores for awesome (and cheap) cards, getting your local girl-scout troop involved, asking people at work… if Julie and I were to get 50 people on our team, and each of those 50 people asked 5 people (plus themselves) to give one card, that’s 300 cards right there! And I don’t know about you, but I plan on making more than one card!!

So… are you in?

Just think, a few minutes (or even hours if you make the cards) of your time will bring a ton of joy to someone with Cancer. If you know or have lost someone with cancer, I’m sure you’ll understand. And chances are, most of us either will know someone, or already have, who has fought cancer. I’m doing this for my grandma, who had breast cancer and a double mastectomy. Who will you do this for?

This has been really fun! Thank you Janet!

Everyone..please joins us!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

I am writing briefly to wish all a Happy Valentine's Day.. Wishing you lots of love and happiness on this day and every day.

So, this day brings a lot of grief for some. You might not have the "Right" gift or even a person to share it with.

Remember that this day is about LOVE and love has many definitions. It is more than just a significant other in your is your life. Love of a child, a parent, a good friend and most importantly Yourself!

How can we expect others to love us if we don't love ourselves? I hear often that people do not feel worthy to be loved by did they become not worthy to not love themselves? Remember it all starts with the person in the mirror!

Here is a song that we should sing to ourselves everyday, just listen to the words..."You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you, you'd be like Heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much. At long last love has arrived, and I thank God I'm alive, You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you"...(cue the horns..)

Fall in love with yourself.

In the spirit of the Day and of my song pick, I give you Frankie Valli and the Four Season with the original..

Happy Valentine's Day to One and All!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Biggest Fears

I get daily inspiration emails of all sorts, one in particular is from a man named Wes Hopper. His insights are always great. A few days ago, the days insight was titled "The Skinny Kid."

It started out with this quote..
"A musician must make music, an artist
must paint, a poet must write, if they are
to be ultimately at peace with themselves."
Abraham Maslow

It went to tell a brief history of Buddy Holly who tragically died in a plane crash on February 3,1959. While he had such a short career in experience, he was an innovator and a prolific song writer whom cranked out tunes that launched bands like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

Wes' whole point was too look at him, Buddy Holly, the skinny kid, would be the most unlikely to have all those accomplishments in his time. The greater message is if Buddy Holly had not shared his gifts, we would not still enjoy his music to this day. We would have been deprived of something wonderful. Great points Wes!

So this spurred on thoughts in my head. What am I not sharing? I have great aspirations, but a follow through issues, so my sharing is mighty sparse at times. But what am I keeping back?

The first quote I gave spoke of being and artist, musician or poet. A lot of people create in various forms but never put the label on themselves because they do not feel worthy to measure up. It is just a definition. While you might not be a professional artist, you are still an artist none the less.

I get it. In the fear of not being worthy to the label we tend to not explore what we are really capable of. In fear we do the very worse, we keep our hearts from expressing and our souls from blossoming. I am very guilty of this and I am working very hard to get past this. What am I not creating? Is it something that will bring joy to myself in the very process? Is it something that will bring joy to another when it is seen? I guess if I never do it I will never know!

We all are afraid of a lot of things, so many they are too many to name. We should have power over our fears but more than likely, our fears have extreme power over us. And now I take a deep breath and say, this is one less fear that will haunt me. I am not afraid that everyone will not like what I do, overall acceptance is really not high on my list of priorities. Never has been. What I fear is that if I do not follow up with this, do not create as my heart's desire, there will be huge pieces of my soul that will exists undiscovered and unexplored.

So on this day, in a first post in a real long time, I leave you with this food for thought to contemplate and I am off to create...

Here is a video I am sure you will enjoy..Buddy Holly Everyday!