Monday, May 24, 2010

Word for the Day..Bittersweet

Welcome to Marvelous Monday!!!

As the title of this post mentions, the word or theme of this post in bittersweet.

Historically, in Julie Land, bittersweet makes me think of the Good Humor Man and his little white truck. He would come through the neighborhood ringing his bells and stop where there were the most kids. I personally had two favorites. First choice was always the Chocolate Candy Crunch. (A vanilla ice cream bar with a solid massive chocolate center and chocolate chips mixed in the ice cream. This was coated with a chocolate crunch outside). My second choice was the bittersweet chocolate sundae. (A cup of vanilla ice cream with a chocolate layer on top which was of course...bittersweet). So from the age of like 8 to high school, the word bittersweet always triggered in my mind the extra ice cream treat! When reality hit that there was actually an extra meaning other than food, I still could totally relate , because thinking back to the sundae, the chocolate by it self was unpleasant but add the vanilla ice cream and ahhhhh!

There was dance competition this weekend. Jacki is still unable to fully weight bear on her foot and is still on crutches. Joey was great in his dances, best ever, the team rocked overall but it was so sad that my darling daughter had to sit out all her dances..especially her solo. I personally got a little choked up when her usual dances were performed without her. And when I thought I finally got over it all, in the final awards ceremony they were going through the numbers of the dances and you hear "#99..that's a scratch." Well we all know what #99 was! :(

So now I am waiting for the ortho guy to call me back for an appointment and we are trying to work through this to get her ankle stronger!

On that note, wanna see a picture of Jacki's foot?
Fun right!  What a wonderful foot!

Since Jacki is out of commission, I was doing her part of garbage duty today.  At the end on the driveway, I was able to behold the first blooming of my peonies!

We have lived here going on 11 years this year and I had the peonies transplanted 10 years ago.  They were well established plants that I bought from a friend's family.  Finally right now they are beginning to look like what I expect them to.
Though I really did expect them to fill the whole space all the way on the drive way.  I have like 75 plants put in and a bunch do not come up anymore. 

What else is sort of sun is they are all different varieties!  I am going to transplant some to the flower box in front of the house! 

So that is the bittersweet in our house...Julie Land...sadness for dances not performed..happiness for a great competition overall and my blooming peonies! 

I am off to do the mid day running..pick up Jon from school, drop off Joey's lunch, drop off Jacki's lunch and pain meds and pick up our lunch..I hope the hubby is buying!!  :)

Enjoy your day.. all the parts of it!

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  1. Sorry to hear your daughter didn't get to dance at all. But it is nice to be able to see the joy in the weekend too!

    Have an Extraordinary Day!


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