Monday, February 23, 2009

Look Here!! and Happy Birthday Peter Fonda?

Hello out there! I hope you are enjoying this fine winter day.

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Today's birthday shout out belongs to Mr. Peter Fonda of the Hollywood Fonda. He is the son of Henry, brother of Jane, father of Brigit and the father-in-law of Danny Elfman the composer.
Mr. Fonda turns 69 today and through that time he has had a long and illustrious career that started with television in the early 1960's. There are a few movies that stick out in my mind. "Easy Rider" 1969. I have never seen the whole thing, but it is famous and wasn't there some infamous scene in a diner with him, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson? The second movie that comes to mind is "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" 1974. I have vague memory of that movie, lots of car chases and I think it ends with them trying to beat out a train. My final Peter Fonda movie contribution is "Ghost Rider" 2007 where he plays Mephistopheles. He was a pretty scary guy! He list of movies are long, and he is a great actor. Happy Birthday Mr. Fonda!

Remember, I do birthday shout out requests. Just email me to let me know!

Did you see the Oscars last night? I have to say that was the best Oscar show that I have seen in a long time! Not too out of line, very respectful, very entertaining. Two thumbs up!!

Well, that is all for now, unless I think of something else later. Please keep checking back to see what's new. Your comments are always welcome as well! Make sure that you visit my other blog It's A Fairy World. The fairies seem to be dishing out lots of wisdom lately.

Have a great evening!

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