Thursday, February 26, 2009

All Quiet on This Chicago Front

Hello To All,

I hope is everything you expect it to be!

Today, for me, it seems quiet here, I have a lot of work on my drawing board to complete. I have a fabulous idea for party set that I am sure you all will love! A cute inspiration piece is on the boards as well.

Today's birthday shout out is for the late Johnny Cash who would have been 77. "The Man in Black" had a long career, making a huge contribution to the arts in general with his music, his movie and TV parts and his written works. And admit it , he was a bit of a heart throb in a rugged sort of way in that long black coat! Reading through his wiki entry I forget some of the things he did and did not realize about a lot of others. He had a long, eventful career for sure.

When you think of his songs, "I Walk the Line" usually is at the top of the list. Or "Folsom Prison Blues" or "Ring of Fire", the duet that he did with his with June Carter Cash, his wife might come to mind as well. For me, my fav is a song called "One Piece at a Time". I love witty things and this certainly fits the bill. For you today, the video....Rest in peace Mr. Cash!

Have a great day and keep smiling! Look for new things in my etsy shop today!

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