Friday, February 20, 2009

A Lazy Afternoon

Good Afternoon to all,

Today we are home, taking it easy, anticipating the great snow that is supposed to be on it's way. Looking out my window the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky, how can we possibly get 4-8 inches of snow by this time tomorrow? Though my husband is looking forward to plowing, I certainly hope this one blows over too. I am soooo tired of winter!On to better things. Today we give a birthday shout out to Ivana Trump. The first wife of "The Donald" is a glorious 60 today. Aside from her life with Mr. Trump and being the mother of his first three kids, she owns businesses and has made a name for herself alone for being tenacious. Good for her! Happy Birthday To You!

I will be giving birthday shout outs daily. Soon, I will be sharing with you daily, a special item that I have created from the inspiration of the birthday person. Then, that special item will be available in my etsy store for sale. I generally work in quantity of two, so there will probably be two of each item available for sale. Though they may look alike, each one will be slightly different. That is the nature of handmade goods.

Also, I would be happy to shout out to anyone on their birthday and even create a special item for sale in their honor. For shout outs, please email me 5 days in advance with the person's name, age, a special thought and who the shout out is from. To have an inspiration piece created, please email me 15 days in advance with the person's name, age, special thoughts about them, a favorite color or hobby and who the shout out is from. I can also do this for anniversaries as well! ***Please note that there is no obligation to purchase the inspiration pieces, but they will be available that day in my etsy shop.***

This should be fun! I like fun and different and exciting and seeing how we all will participate with each other will be fun!

Okay I am off to the salt mines, better know as my design desk. I have the cutest set of captured fairy cards that I have to finish so they can make their debut this weekend.

Speaking of Fairies, do you love them? Then you should be reading my other blog It's A Fairy World. Daily I interpret a message for fairy oracle cards and talk about my take on that message. There is a little fairy dust and you never know where it is gonna take you! Also my Mom Irene is creating these delight fairy treasures that I am sure you will just have to have. Check it out!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day

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