Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Woman Lived Dream

Today while I was reading my local paper online (yes I am part of the demise of the real print newspaper) there was the headline "Schaumburg Woman Lived Dream of Teaching Special ED". The story was about Miss Lindsay Gillilan 28, who passed away suddenly Sunday. The story tells of her love of her students and teaching and how she aspired to be a teacher, especially in special education since she was young. That was the position she held, a Special Ed teacher in the Lake Zurich school system.

My initial reaction was sadness. I am sad for Miss Gillilan's loved ones, her fellow teachers and her students. I am sad for all of us actually that the world lost someone who really got what life was about!

Special ED Teachers, well all teachers actually are worth their weight in gold. And there is a special place in heaven for the Special Ed teacher. They have this unique ability to go above and beyond. I know that my son prospers today and it is mainly due to all the nurturing and encouragement that he has received from all the special ed staff in our school district.

Aside from the occupation that she picked, the very fact at age 28 she was doing everything that she wanted to be doing in her life should be an example for the rest of us.

Go for it. Do what you love. Life is too short!

There is a theory that when you are feeling lost one should write what they would want their obit to say. I am sure that in essence we all would write that we lived our dreams, whatever they might be.

The reality is are we? Are we doing what we should be doing to fulfill that prophecy? If not, why not? Even the biggest of dreams have the smallest of steps to them. Have we taken those steps?

This is a lot to contemplate but something we all should do. It is our destiny to live and it is our destiny to die. Those are the rules. How we fill in the details is our decision.

Thank you Miss Lindsay Gillilan for showing us how to live. May you rest in peace.


  1. Lindsay and I went to church together in our younger years. After high school, we both lost touch, but I still remember her kind way with everyone. I am in shock, saddened, and just in disbelief.

  2. Lindsay is our best friend and we lost her this weekend. She could walk into a room and it would instantly light up. When she gave you a hug, it was a hug that was so bear-like that it lingered for days. She was the most incredible person we've ever known and for those that have come into contact with her knows this, for those who have not, especially her next class of students, we am saddened. Confident, strong, vibrant, beautiful, talented, inspiring, warm, loud :), silly, funny, and nurturing...that's our Lindsay. You are in our every though and we miss you dearly. Love you.

  3. Mallory Rose SchmittJune 29, 2009 at 3:54 AM

    Lindsay was a big sister and a best friend to me. She was a major role model and support system. Her light shined so bright and touched so many people on her lifetime. It is so amazing to me that she even had the ability to touch people that never even met her. Her personality went on for days and she loved everybody. We have a lot to learn from how she lived her life. I love you lindz and you will forever be in my heart. I wish we could have more laughter and memories, but I know we will meet again....

  4. I still can't believe that it has been a year and a half and I still miss her so dearly. I'm not sure the pain will ever truly go away.

    I keep thinking that Lindsay fulfilled her earthly duty by being on top of her game, and that was the time for her to go out. Of course she left way too early. No secret there.

    I just never thought that our lives would be so decisively and severely ripped apart as to say that we wouldn't grow old together. I figured that the three of us kids would grow old together way past our 80's... I guess 28 for her, 36 for me was the "shelf life" of our (sibling) relationship.

    Honestly, it just sucks! And there was, is, and will be not a damn thing that I can do about it. I couldn't even say good bye!

    It sucks to say that the last time I saw my sister is on my birthday. And the day she passed was on my other sister's birthday AND father's day! Does that really get much worse as far as symbolic timing?

    I write this to help vent and keep myself sane. And I write this as much to myself as anyone happening across this simple rambling in the corner of cyberspace - live every moment to the fullest! Juice everything from your life! Nothing matters when it is over, except the heart, love, and memories that you put forth.

    Blessings my sister! And I hope that someday everthing will be bliss - together, as a family, again....


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