Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Willy Wonka

Hello it is Thursday....

It has been sort of an odd week. Cannot put my finger on it, but odd. Now today, this afternoon, I am suffering from a case of the itchies. Do not quite know why. The kids came inside as they were trying to get their hover thing out of the tree and the mus have stepped in an area where the little brown ants are in the grass. Jonathan starts jumping around that he got bit and I killed an ant on his shoes and suddenly I start itching. Nice.

Today I am announcing my challenge. I challenge myself to complete 10 card designs in 10 days. The subject and type of card are up in the air, but I have to complete one a day. once I post them they will be available to purchase if you just love them!

Today we have a fun birthday, Gene Wilder. He is 76. He has been in many movies, a favorite of Mel Brooks and he also partnered with Richard Pryor on a few occasions. My favorite movie of his was "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Here is a clip from that movie...

I loved the movie even now, though the OompaLoompas are still a bit creepy!

So happy birthday Mr. Wilder, you have given us many hours of entertainment!

Off to take a dose of benedryl, hope that does it!

Have a great day and look for the 1st day of the challenge tomorrow!

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