Monday, June 29, 2009

The Doctor replies "Well, then don't do that!"

So this woman walks in to the doctor's office and says "Doctor. It hurts when I do this..."

So my topic on the mind at this moment is why we keep repeating our mis-steps? We know that an action or words said are going to end up right back at us and still we insist on doing it anyways.

And I think the worse is even when we believe we are totally justified in our actions we go ahead and perform the faux pas knowing full well it will turn out badly.

It's our ego you know. I thought I knew a lot about my "friend" Matilda (that is what I call my ego), after all she is part of me, but when she gets awakened in the wrong manner, well I guess that she is uncontrollable.

The upside (using this tongue in cheek) to this is Matilda is in good company. In fact when she encounters more of her ego friends, well their stuff mingles with her stuff and it is a negativity fest to end all negativity fests.

So now my biggest challenge is to remember what an awoken Matilda is like and what she can set off without really trying. I am sure this goes the same for so many people. Matilda is in really good company.

So I am taking this online course called ILD---Intelligent Life Design. I am trying to learn all the tools necessary to put Matilda to sleep, a restful one where she doesn't need to be up for a long, long time. Anyway the first week of the course we are supposed to avoid all news from typical resources, online websites, newspapers, TV and so far I have not been real successful, but I am still trying.

The developer of the course JB Glossinger from Morning Coach has a good point about controlling the ego by picking and choosing our battles, be assertive to make our point when necessary and then leaving it be. We don't have to be right or accepted, we have spoken our point and that is all that needs to be done.

I guess the next time Matilda rears her stubborn, opinionated head, I will have to remind her the punchline of the joke..

the Doctor replies "Well, don't do that!"

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