Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soundtrack of Our Lives-Happy Birthday Marvin Hamlisch


Today is Tuesday and you know what that means. It's ROAK Day!!!! Hold a door, say hello, let someone in front of you in line. There is a certain amount of joy you will get from the response of the person that you do it for. It is hard to describe. And the best thing of all, you never know when it comes back to you!

Today is also Marvin Hamlisch's birthday. He is 65.

So now this is the time where you start to question the obscurity of my birthday picks. Born on this day were also Justin Long the "I Am A Mac" guy from the commericals, Zachary Quinto Spock from the latest Star Trek movie, Dana Carvey, you know the "Church Lady" from SNL and even Jerry Mathers "Beaver Cleaver." All of these folks would have been just as cool to mention in length and I might some other year, but I picked Marvin Hamlisch because he is part on the soundtrack to our lives. Even you young ones!

You see Marvin Hamlisch scored some of the most important movies and theatre productions in the last 40 years. A Chorus Line, The Way We Were, Ice Castles, The Spy Who Loved Me. It sounds crony to some but seriously, how many dance productions have there been of all or parts of A Chorus Line? How many times have you heard the song "What I Did For Love"? Did you know that it came from that musical as well? And what would the list of classic film romances be without Redford and Striesand in The Way We Were? Or any picture retrospect for that matter without the song "The Way We Were" palying in the background. All Marvin Hamlisch!

And while time marches on and technology makes things easier and more complicated that fact of the matter is it all begins with simple notes on a piano played by one of the greats like Mr. Hamlisch! Thank you and happy birthday!

So today it would be no fun without a clip and here we have another fave. Carly Simon with "Nobody Does It Better." This is from the movie "Spy Who Loved Me."

Have a great day!

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