Thursday, June 18, 2009

Silly Love Songs

Good Day Everyone!

I hope that everyone is not missing a thing!

Today we are heading straight to our birthday shout out...Sir Paul McCartney who is 67 today.

We all know and love him, I do not think that there is much more I could write about him than that. He is another one who's music is part of the soundtrack of our lives. From Beatles to Wings to his solo career I am willing to bet that everyone has a fond memory somehwere in their minds that includes the touch of Sir Paul.

So while picking out today's clip it was so hard to choose. Do I go with "Jet" or "Band on the Run"? "Maybe I'm Amazed" or even "Live and Let Die." So many choices. But in the end I had to go with "Silly Love Songs". It came out the summer between 5th and 6th grade when I used to go to the YMCA with friends swim and hang out and there was a boy that I had a crush on (though sorry cannot remember his name) and this song was playing the first time I saw him. be so young and impressionable again! lol BTW There is never going to be enough silly love songs and that's okay!

Happy Birthday Sir Paul! Wishing you many more years of filling our lives with song!

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