Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Whole Lotta Tuesday!!!

Hey Everyone!

Today is a Tuesday and it is a big one!!!

First let's talk about ROAK Tuesday. Sadly last week, I did not post about it, but I hope everyone remembered.

ROAK, a Random Act Of Kindness is just something you do for someone else. Doesn't have to cost you anything, a simple "Hello" to a stranger, it is that easy. The outcome is wonderful! It makes their day. You feel good about it. And soon enough you are getting ROAKs yourself!

This morning on Twitter, a tweet pal of mine @DeniseHammock tweeted about her website ReikiOM The website is beautiful, so calm and peaceful. It gives her bio, what services she offers and information about Reiki itself. She has also posted the Reiki Precept which is:
Just for today
I will not be angry
I will not worry
I will be grateful
I will do my work honestly
I will treat everyone/everything with kindness

What beautiful words, truly words to live by! Words that I truly needed to hear right then and there! Thank you Denise!

I said that this is a jammed packed Tuesday and that is so. We cannot forget our birthday shoutout!

Happy birthday Erich Segal who is 72 today.

We all know and love Mr. Segal's work. This is the man that brought us "Love Story". The template for the chic flick. And who doesn't choke up at the very words from the movie, the lesson of it all, "Love means never having to say your sorry." I am getting misty just writing it! lol

Erich Segal also wrote other great books including "Oliver's Story" which was the follow up to "Love Story" that also was made into a movie. He also wrote the screen play to the movie "Yellow Submarine." (But was he the Walrus?...lol)

Love Story is iconic and is a must see for anyone. In fact it is #9 on the American Film Institutes' list of all time romances. Here is something interesting, it was originally written as a screen play and shopped as such. When it was picked up, Erich Segal turned it into book form to boost the movies sales in the Valentine's season.

What made that movie so great was the musical score. So perfect, almost haunting in places, the score was a character of the movie itself. Here is a video clip of the song "Where Do I begin" by Andy Williams...

Are you all teary eyed? I am...again!

So Happy Birthday Mr. Segal and Thank You for many hours of heartbreaking enjoyment!

Wow! What a packed Tuesday! I am off to do...things! Have a great day!

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