Friday, May 22, 2009

'Tis the Season....

Okay so here we are the start of Memorial Day Weekend. The "start" of summer.

Aside from the obvious, looking forward to gardening and bar-be-queing and spending more time outdoors we can say "Yeah!" for the greatest aspect of this time of year. Out come the white shoes!!

Now I have always been told that white shoes season was Memorial Day to Labor Day. That was a rule plain and simple. Even for the stylish senior gentlemen that matched up the white shoes with the white belt as well! Straying from this rule was the same as not mixing bleach and ammonia. Makes you gasp, your eyes water and just a bad decision overall.

Oddly enough no one really knew the origin of the white shoes rule, just that it existed. And the rumors of the social scorning that followed if you should even consider breaking said rule. While no one really knows, I would guess that it has something to do with not keeping shoes clean.

According to this article from the Shine ezine via yahoo, there is no standard about the white shoes when. We can just be foot loose and fancy free with our whites, not matter what the calendar says. This article also suggest that our purse and shoes don't have to match and we can mix silver and gold jewelrey together on a regular basis. What are they thinking?!?!

Now I am not a fashion plate by any means. My usual style is clean and matching hopefully. Somtimes I get sucked in by trendy and love it so much that I am bummed when I cannot find the "trendy" item three years later. lol But somehow breaking the white shoes rule is just too much for even me.

So as of Monday, Memorial Day I will dance around with the white shoes season, enjoying it, flaunting it even and then come Labor Day, I will put them away with my fine summer memories. The way it should be!

And for all of you fashion forward, breaking the basic fashion rules passed down from the ages gals...well have a great summer too!

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