Monday, May 25, 2009

A Monday to Celebrate

Today is Memorial Day. A day that marks the beginning of summer and so much more.

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, it was enacted in 1868 to commemorate the America lives were lost during service to our country, originally intended for Union soldiers that fought in the Civil War. Subsequently it was extended after World War I to include all members of any military action.

While it is wonderful to see the parades and the other special events, I think we as a country must keep up our gratitude for military services persons and their families every day.

Sometimes we take for granted what we are as a country or what being a citizen of this great country really is. There are people fighting in every corner of the world defending our freedoms. While some might question the validity of the battles, that should not shadow in anyway the brave people that take on that battle just because we are a great country to defend.

A few weeks back there was a citizenship ceremony for people that had passed all the requirements to become US citizens. I am sure that this is an event that ordinarily happens with some regular occurrence. Except this particular one really touched me. This group of people were military service personnel. These were folks that willingly signed up to defend a country and it's citizens that they were not a citizen of themselves. I was awestruck! We take so many things for granted!

People argue that it is frustrating that people from other countries immigrate here to start a new life. And they complain this or that about a particular nationality that is cornering a particular trade or business. And maybe those new people are a little more abrupt than some would like. But we forget, that they chose the United States of America because it is truly a better place, well the best place to be.

So on this day, like we should any day, let's be grateful and say Thank You for the bravery of individuals that enlist their lives to keep this country great and free and the place that people want to come here to live!

Switching gears slightly I'd like to wish my princess Jacqueline a very happy birthday. It is hard to believe that my first born is 12 today. Where has the time gone?

Our baby girl who is intelligent, beautiful and full of sass, is going to experience her last year as a teenager and I can hardly believe.

So my dear, you are another year older and another year wiser and as you fully mature into that wonderful young woman that you are destined to be, always remember how much we love you!

A little something for you!

Have a great day everyone!

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