Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Big Reveal...

Well is is Happy Tuesday!

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all! Let's celebrate just because we can!

First the big reveal...

If you recall, I started out with just materials yesterday

And now today we have this..


Actually this is an inspiration piece as well. Our nephew Levi is graduating from Colorado State next week. I am sending one of these cards to him!

If you have a graduate that you would like to congratulate, this card is in my etsy shop here.

Today's birthday shout out is from Ann B. Davis who is 83 today. Our beloved Alice from the Brady Bunch.

Seriously who didn't love Alice? My favorite "Alice" episode is when she secretly sent Jan the locket because she was a middle child like her. (Actually, Jan was sooo misunderstood. lol). And by the Brady reunion time to know that Alice and Sam the butcher finally tied the knot, well that made the whole thing!

So I could not find a Brady Clip that I like so here is a commercial from the '80s in her Alice character for Shake-n-Bake.

Thank you Ann B. Davis for your very many Brady years. Happy Birthday and many, many more!

One more thing..
My other blog, It's A Fairy World, my topic is kindness today. Would you please carry out at least one ROAK today. For me? Please? Thank you in advance!

Have a great day!

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