Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Blinky St. James

Sometimes when we are in our most comfortable stations, life comes by and reminds that there is more than comfort to living. There is loving and caring and being. There is witnessing what else there is out there and acting accordingly. There is just loving people regardless of the fact that you might not even know them.

On twitter I have had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth and Katy Hughes of the south bay area of California. They are a mother and daughter team, Elizabeth is a widow and Katy is a delightful young lady who is insightful, witty and has the potential to be a great artist someday. The most amazing this about these two ladies is their perseverance as that they are homeless.

Elizabeth and Katy lost their husband/father when Katy was 6. Subsequently they have been living on survivor's benefits from social security and a job that Elizabeth held. A while back Elizabeth had lost her job and last year the survivor's benefits got cut in half because Katy turned 16. Now all they get is money for Katy herself monthly. Both ladies have health problems, they cannot afford rent and other expenses. They have had some short term apartments over the last few years, but except when they are blessed with someone donating money for a motel room, they sleep in their car.

I have read their blogs and you know, they are not happy with the situation at all, but somehow they are doing their best to keep their spirits up and I am awed by them.

My Dad used to have a saying, "I was sad because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet." I cannot think of better fitting words.

So the main reason I am writing today is that it is Katy's birthday. She is 17. Along with sending her my best thought, prayers and birthday wishes, I was hoping that we could all pitch in for her. They are currently staying in a motel through this morning and then they are back in the car. Maybe if we all pitch in we can come up with enough to keep them in the motel for a few more nights that would be a great gift to Katy. Not exactly a new purse or some new clothes, the typical 17 year old gifts, but at least they would not be sleeping in their car.

Okay here are the details. Elizabeth's website is God's Power and Love and Katy's website is Destination Anywhere But Here.

Elizabeth's email address is Paypal donations can be sent to that address.

On twitter Elizabeth is known as @imexhausted and Katy is @blinkystjames. Follow them they are great gals!

Whatever we all can do for them would be great. They just need a hand!

So Happy Birthday Katy! and many many more. And for you a little Michelle Branch.

I hope that we can help them. And Please pass this blog around to other friends, the internet is a great big place and we all can help if we try!

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