Monday, May 11, 2009

Martha Graham

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today we will get right to our birthday shout out and that is the late Martha Graham. Today she would have celebrated her 115th birthday.

While many might know her, Martha Graham was a important person in my family's make up; being that we have a hardcore dancer in the family. You see Martha Graham was the one of the dancers that broke away from the traditions and techniques of classic ballet to perform "Contemporary" dance. Dancing that contained emotion and free movement. Dancing that allowed the dancers to make good use on gravity instead of the lightness of ballet.

Martha Graham did not herself develop Modern Dance, she surely had a hand in it's development. She danced well into her later years, was the first dancer to perform at the White house and traveled as an ambassador of goodwill. She was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Here is a clip that I found on You Tube. The lead dancer in the long dress with the cape is Martha Graham performing!

As you watch that clip you can even see where hip-hop dancing has grown out of due to dancers like Martha Graham!

So Thank You Ms. Graham for all your contribution to Modern Dance. I know that my daughter sure appreciates the work that you have done!

Have a great day everyone and I will talk with you soon!

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