Thursday, May 14, 2009

50 Things About Me


Sometime last year, in an email group that I am on, we were asked to post 50 things about us that the group did not know. Since my blog is relatively new, I thought I would post the list here to give you an idea about me. So here goes.
1.My Middle name is Anne as is my Mom's, my daughter's and our dog Pumpkin
2.I have three children 1 daughter and 2 sons
3.Other than last names, everyone in my household share part of their name with another realtive.
4.I have so much trivial knowledge stuck in my head, I think it spills out of my ears sometimes!
5.I have been married for almost 13 years
6.Jim was a blind date, we met 10-30-92 and haven't been apart since!
7.I try to be all things to everyone and sometimes, I just get tired.
8.I am a really good problem solver.
9. Growing up I had few friends, but my books were my best friends.
10.I always thought I wasn't a picky eater, but the list of things I won't eat grows every day.
11.I never met chocolate that I didn't like
12.I have crafted forever
13.My Grandma Tomlin taught me to crochet when I was 8
14.I have problems understanding instructions without diagrams
15.I have a million great ideas, but my execution stinks. lol
16.Every morning and every night I pray for all living beings to find peace and comfort.
17.About once a year I try to be vegan, but it does not last long.
18.Last year briefly, I considered letting my natural color grow out. Briefly
19.I used to be a hairdresser, loved doing the hair, hated finding hair on me at the end of the day.
20.My greatest fear is that something will happen to one of my kids.
21.I cry at everything all the time, always have.
22.I have a paper obsession!
23.First time I saw the Cricut Expression in a print ad and read the description, my heart was pounding!
24.When I am nervous, I laugh which tends to disturb people.
25.My brother broke my nose when I was 18
26.I am one of two children
27.I am a bad house keeper. Better Homes and Garderns will never be at my house for a photo shoot!
28.From 1987 to 1999 I moved 9 times between 2 states
29.Once a year I decide that we have to sell our house and move somewhere else. Usually means I am bored so then I paint or rearrange furniture.
30.I live on 1.5 acres, 20 minutes west of Chicago
31.My Dad and I have identical baby pictures
32.My kids fill my heart further than I thought it could be possible
33.I try hard, but sometimes I think I fail them
34.I won 3rd place in the fish category at a grilling contest for a radio station. I made shark with fruit salsa
35.#34, there were 7 entries! lol
36.My senior picture from high school, I look just like my Mom
37.There is a Christmas picture floating around in my family that I am modeling a gift of rainbow socks on my ears.
38.I make cream puffs from scratch. That is my signature dessert.
39.I have Christmas every year, it is easier on my kids.
40.I did not like dogs until I met my husband and his dog Baron.
41.My first husband didn't want kids. After I got divorced, every guy I met knew up front that kids were a deal breaker.
42.Most times things that bother other people do not phase me, I am oblivious to it all
43.I do not think I can write a short sentence!
44.It has taken me almost 45 years to have a true feeling of who I am and who I want to be
45.My favorite movie is Moonstruck
46.I read about 25 blogs daily
47.I tend to talk back to the TV or computer when I do not agree
48.I could eat shrimp every day
49.I would love to make a living from creating
50.Regardless of how the day went, good or bad, I thank God for everything!

So that is me in a nutshell. This has been fun. It would be cool for you to share somethings about you in the comments!

Have a great day!

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