Friday, April 17, 2009

Social Media..I Want to Be Ashton Kutcher?!?!

Hello My Dear Friends,

I write this today, as a tremendous event has taken place. Ashton Kutcher @aplusk has broken the 1000000 mark of followers of Twitter. During this week he was in a neck and neck battle with CNN to see who would do this. Ashton broadcast via ustream and CNN went live on their station including on air pleas from Anderson Cooper. Okay, so what does this mean?

To me, I am not totally sure what the whole scope of this is. I do not have my finger on the pulse of the tech world, most of the time, I just follow along because all the cool kids are. And who doesn't want to be one of the cool kids? In retrospect, I am finding that in my quest to become more than I already am, Twitter has become very important.

I originally signed on to promote my business, make contact, meet potential customers. It was really cool at first, searching for the famous people to get small snippets of their lives. I bought into the genre of "What am I doing" and I admit my first tweets were "Picking up DD from dance" or "waiting for dinner to finish...meatloaf yea". Okay sort of lame, but I was taking it literally and that's okay. But sort of boring and ordinary. Boring and ordinary don't get you many followers.

As I continued and got the hang of things, I found my self searching for better things to post. Or share again, retweets, they are called. I have read a whole slew of blogs and snippets and viewed pictures that I would have never seen anywhere else. I have read some quite amusing things that made me laugh out loud and I have come across some opinions that made me yell at the screen. I wanted to add content with some value and sprinkle in the ordinary. I am working to achieve the perfect mix. I have also added on to my followers.

But, in my search for better things to post, I find myself growing mentally and spiritually, taking more in everyday. And as I take in more, my output is becoming richer. I voice opinions and have mini conversations and wish people everything from "have a nice day", to "Happy Birthday", to sending condolences for an animal that is passed. One of my tweets even ended up on the ABC news website about a particular story. I am a part of news and the "new media"! We all are.

We can observe, ask questions, voice our opinions and even promote ourselves, all in real time. I have access to an infinite amount of people at any given time. We all do. I think that might be the thing that is so gratifying about this whole new media concept is that it is ALWAYS OPEN. It is current, it is fresh and there is always some one to talk with. This is something so different that you don't find with Google or the various "chat" type interfaces. And it is something really different than TV.

While all this is going on we might consider the outcome of always being on. What is it going to do to us knowing that there is really always someone there? I think that with technology, as separated as we may seem, we are actually closer. Take the example of actress Demi Moore @mrskutcher who received a tweet about a person with the intent of committing suicide. She passed it on in fear that it was real, other people saw it and were able to track it down to let the police know and avert tragedy. The lady really needed help and her cry was answered. Or how about the Amber Alerts that are tweeted and retweeted. Or even the free rental code for Redbox that I share when it is sent to me. Always on.

As I write in my other blog, It's a Fairy World, I have four general rules that I go by. 1. Be good to myself. 2. Be good to others. 3. Learn my lessons from all situations and take notes for future reference. 4. Love God. I would say, overall, being part of this "new media" applies all four rules.

So while I will probably not be Ashton Kutcher and you will probably never see 1000000 followers on my twitter page @julieanneg, I know that I am making a difference in others and in myself!

Onto our birthday shout out! Today we are wishing the singer/songwriter Liz Phair and very happy 42nd birthday. Ms. Phair is an Chicago area girl, raised in Winnetka Illinois and a graduate of New Trier High School. She has earned her chops as an artist, working from the very bottom up on the Indie scene to become the mainstream artist that she is. My fav song of hers is "Extraordinary". It is the kind of song that you blast in the car while driving and sing a long. The chorus is the best part :

I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me
I am extraordinary, I am just your ordinary
Average every day sane psycho
Average every day sane psycho

Great lyrics, right? Perfect actually. Here is the video of the song.

Thank you Liz for great thoughts and Happy Birthday to you!

Well, that is all for now. Just a few And hey if you aren't on twitter, check it out. You will be glad that you did!

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