Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking the Facebook Plunge

Hello To All!

This is the second time I woke up this morning. The first I was up at 3:15 am to get my husband off to work, I blogged on my other blog, Twittered a bit and then hit the hay for two more hours. Now I am up for sure to do the rest of my day!

My etsy store. I have some new and improved photography on some of the listings. The rest will be improved soon with new listings as well!

I took the Facebook plunge last night. Actually I had signed up for Facebook in 2007 and never went on it or anything. It had been so long that I had to reset my password. I searched around on there, saw some people I know, it was cool. My main purpose is to meet more people to do business with. You never know!

On Twitter a fellow tweeter @janeblogs gave this link for funny shoes. You have to check out the site. My personal fav is the bird sandals about two-thirds of the way down the page.

I have been trying to ignore the whole Rush Limbaugh vs.White House banter but now it gets absurd! Check out this story. RL wants to debate the President to see who "owns" America.

For starters, I am an American and I am not owned by anyone!

Secondly, I read the article and there are points in there that I could agree with, then it goes beyond agreeable to RL just being the arse that he is. I might remind RL that the President might not do anything/everything right. It is really a crapshoot. But, considering the pit that the other party left us in, the one that we are trying to claw ourselves out of, RL should just put a sock in it! Own America my butt!

Today's birthday shout out is for the late Andy Gibb. He would have been 51. (I did a double take when I figured this out then realized that I am 44 so 51 works for him!) He had a great career and unfortunately he got caught up in the fame, got addicted to drugs, got clean and died of a heart infection shortly after. What a shame.

I have the most pleasant memories of the time he was popular, hanging out with my friend Ann from across the street or Melody from two doors down. I had an AM transistor radio, one that was shaped like the smiley face and we would listen all the time WLS-AM and hear Andy Gibb, the BeeGees, Elton John, Donny Osmond and all the others. We were so cool! And we were so sure Andy was singing right to us....big sigh.

So now I leave you with my fav Andy Gibb song. Mr. Gibb, thank you!

Have a great day! Look for me on Twitter and Facebook!

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